Take time to visit websites of low cost carriers, and you would find that each customer is their main concern. Customers who book and support their services come back again and again because these customers know that cheap flights are only offered through these low cost carriers. While they already have cheap flights, there are […]

Australia airport is one of the three airports in New York handling a lot of air traffic coming to New York. It is operated by New York port authority. Having three terminals, the airport is not very large as compared to Kennedy airport. However the facilities at each terminal are of international standards. Amenities include […]

The global economy remains as uncertain as ever, the vagaries of stock markets and consumer spending and confidence capable of shifting as quickly as clouds change shape. But, Gulliver reports that the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) has recently released its 2012 edition [PDF] and has found increases in international travel and spending, excellent news for anyone with an interest […]

A recent Gulliver post poses an important question: Where can you get some sleep if you are in transit and without lodging? For the Gulliver correspondent, the issue came to the fore thanks to a quick trip from the UK to Toronto, a night in Toronto, and then a flight back to the UK. The writer soldiered […]

The New York Times recently ran “Europe, in 9 Walks,” a fun look at strolls along routes through cities and landscape that encourage an ambling pace and plenty of time to stop, eat, people watch, and get a sense for how the locals live. Of course, the idea of suggesting nine walks – in this case, in London, […]

The Economist’s Gulliver ran an item recently about the world’s best airports as ranked by Skytrax. As Gulliver notes, airports are travelers’ first impression of a destination, and for that reason it behooves both federal and local authorities to do what they can to make the airport experience a positive one. In its fourteenth year, the Skytrax report, according […]

One sure sign of the seasons changing is news of spring and summer music festivals that take place all over the world. Whether it’s Coachella, the New Orleans Jazz and Heritage Festival, the Fuji Rock Festival, or any of the countless European jazz festivals, it is not hard to make music the cornerstone of any trip. If large […]

I have a friend with no sense of smell. She was born that way, and while she is a fully functioning human being in every other sense (pun intended) she has never known the thrill of inhaling the aroma of piping hot food or fresh flowers. Of course, she has been spared some of life’s […]

In a recent Huffington Post article, Leyla Giray asks: “Can You Be Too Old To Travel?” This is a silly question. The answer is easy: no. Giray agrees. After enduring the excuses a friend listed as reasons not to embark on an extended backpacking trip – hostels, bus rides, lack of privacy, etc. – Giray wisely […]

The Paris Review blog has a regular feature called “Windows on the World”: “A series on what writers from around the world see from their windows.” The last few entries include perspectives on Albania, Pakistan, and Ireland. Each installment is accompanied by an inked line drawing of the view, done by Matteo Pericoli. Typically, the featured writers […]