The most convenient and affordable calling solution while you travel to India is the prepaid India SIM card with an international cell phone. All incoming calls are as low as dollar 0.09 USD per minute irrespective of the location where you are. Your India mobile card SIMs and the schemes of the mobile services are so designed that you do not even require going for a contract with any service provider. The SIM provider company would do everything only. Most of the popular Indian mobile service providers have a good network system of their own that gives you uninterrupted service.

However, you should always go through the user guides provided by the India SIM service providers to know in details the service conditions and to have fair technical knowledge also. These may help to resolve any small technical issues of your mobile and SIM in the foreign land without running to a technical person. You must have a fair knowledge about the schemes also so that you can enjoy the schemes and features provided in the package to the optimum level. In this way, you will not let them just remain unused by you and make unusual expenses by using the other way.

The India SIM schemes that are provided by the wireless service providers are very cheap. There you might get a variety of schemes to choose from.

For example – $ 5 is charged for starter airtime credit and this particular plan is valid for sixty days from the first time you use your mobile. The number that is provided is a local Indian cell phone number instead of a big international number, which is hard to remember. The incoming call charge is restricted to only $ 0.09 per minute. The network is also of superior quality. The service providers provide attractive SMS messaging schemes. Voice mail service is also there with you. There is no yearly contract or monthly charges or any credit check.

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