Taxi serviceDon’t be just like everyone else when it comes to Wedding Transport. Instead of just searching on Google for limousines or silverservice taxi why not look at some alternative ideas. While limousines are lovely they are not very creative especially if you search for the cheapest you can find.

Let’s look at some alternatives and the issues you need to consider in arranging Wedding Transport that you may or may not have thought of.

You need to think about this topic and make arrangements for transport six months to a year ahead of your big day. So after you have chosen your wedding venue and reception transport should be next need to wedding limo hire Melbourne.

Wedding Transport is all about getting people from A to B in several groups on time and still remaining calm and unflustered.

It all starts with transporting the bridal party from the place where they will dress to the wedding ceremony. Normally the bridal party includes all women (and girls) involved as well as the bride’s parents. If the bridal party is so large that everybody cannot fit into the vehicle, it is possible to make multiple trips. Make sure each trip is coordinated and planned carefully with the company you pick to do the job. The groom and groomsmen can arrange their own transportation to the ceremony and this is not something that typically is left to a transport company.

After the ceremony, anything goes. Many couples choose to have the entire wedding party transported from the ceremony to the reception, but it’s alright to transport only the bride and groom, or just the bride, groom, best man and maid of honor. As you’ll be moving lots of people again you’ll need multiple trips or more than one vehicle. That’s the logistics over with.

With that all thought out you need to find the companies to do the job.

First, double-check your wedding budget worksheet (you do have one don’t you!) to see how much money has been allocated for transportation. As well as limousines, you could make a bold statement by arriving in a stretch Hummer, which are able to transport large groups. Vintage or chauffeur cars Melbourne are a stylish option too. Other ideas include a party bus, a horse-drawn carriage, a boat, motorcycle and side car, hot air balloon, or anything really that fits in well with the overall theme of the wedding. Of course a personal vehicle from friend or family is always a fine option and is the least expensive.

Be sure to ask about any special wedding package deals like a free bottle of champagne, or transportation at the end of the evening. Always carefully review the contract before you sign. Make sure it states date, pick-up times, total costs and payment schedule, any extras you’ve agreed to, the driver’s name and what he or she will wear, and the cancellation/refund policy.

Another thing to check is that you have seen the exact vehicle that will be used on your special day. Get it written into the contract so that you don’t get any surprises. Make sure you ask about any alternative plans they have in case of break down.

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