When going on a vacation, sure taking long flights can be a real drag. You just want to get there right away and have some fun. But you need to be stuck first on an airplane for hours. That’s why it’s very important to prepare for it – to help keep boredom at bay as much as possible.
What you put in your carry-on luggage is essential to help you bear with long flights. Before you pack your things, it’s necessary to have a checklist. And some of the things that should be on that list may be anything of the following.
Some people like to bring magazines as they are lightweight and disposable. After reading them, you need not worry about packing them on your way back home; you can simply throw them away. But if you got a paperback you’ve been trying to finish all this time, a long flight is a perfect time for reading it. Self-help, romance, or suspense books – just make certain you bring something hard to put down.
Whether you can take aboard your ibanez acoustic electric guitar or any musical instrument, still you won’t be able to play with them. The point is to bring something which you can use and still produce no loud sounds which can disturb other passengers. Use earphones for your portable MP3 players or gaming console to keep your seatmate from being annoyed. But do remember to have them charged fully, or bring spare batteries.
It’s great if you can have your laptop with you. Fire it up to start writing down your blogs as your vacation commences. If you got some reports to finish regarding work, it’s during long flights that you can start completing them. On the day you show up at work after your leave, hand in some finished documents and impress your supervisor.
Never forget to stash in your luggage an eye mask. It will help tremendously in giving your some much-needed shuteye. Sleeping during long plane flights will keep boredom at bay. And it will also prepare you for all the exploring, shopping and partying once you reach your destination.
Instead of sitting in there all the time, get up and do some exercising. Not the type you perform with your personal trainer. Just simple ones that will keep your circulation, particularly in your lower limbs, going. Once in a while, walk along the aisles. Even while sitting down, point your toes from side to side and move your feet in a rotating fashion. During stopovers, get off and roam in and around the airport for a moment.

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