Vietnam was a country ravaged by war but now it has again risen like a phoenix from the ashes. The scenic beauty of the place is of course beautiful but it is the people that make it more enjoyable. It is situated by the South China Sea and has two natural world heritage sites. It might not be a very rich country financially, but it has everything to gift you with memorable moments and some lovely experiences.

The most important thing about this country is that even after the discover Vietnam War it has managed to make a place for its own people. There are many good sightseeing places in the country, and perhaps eh most famous of them is the Ha Long Bay. The Bay is self sufficient in itself with the fishing villages that have a permanent settlement here whereas its port serves as a valuable addition to the country’s financial status.

Apart from that, there are historical landmarks like the Municipal Theater, Temple of Literature, National Museum of History, National Museum of Fine Art, Marble Mountain in the Da Nang City, The Mieu Temple, the Ben Thanh Market, Notre Dame Basilica and many more. Moreover, it has such a beautiful coastline that you can spend the entire day there lazing around. The Flag Tower of Hanoi is another important landmark.

Other than that, if you are in good time, then you can also catch a glimpse of the various colorful festivals which are conducted according to the lunar calendar. The traditional festivities like a marriage, birthday, any ritual or worship is a visual treat, with local food and clothing stealing the show. You will surely Travel to Vietnam immensely and come back for more.

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