Dubai has now become one of the most popular destinations, attracting tourists from all across the world. In addition to the very beautiful architecture and landscapes, cruise dinners and unlimited shopping, Dubai is particularly famous for its desert safari. It is a sure thing that once you have experienced the fun and excitement of Dubai safari, there is no other place you would want to be during your holidays.

Although, Dubai has a lot of tourist attractions, you simply cannot miss the unique experience of desert safari. Observing the glowing sands in the desert when hit by the sun’s rays is a very pleasant and unique sight in itself. One of the major attractions of the Dubai safari is the Dune bashing. Your safari will start the moment you will be seated in the cruiser and made to travel up and down the sand dunes. Usually, the entire desert safari will last for approximately 6 hours, but those will be the most magnificent hours of your life. You will feel as if you are on a roller coaster ride, travelling through Disney land. Besides the beautiful sand dunes, you will also see scattered villages and well bred camels along with some light Arabian music playing in the background.

The desert safari tour will begin with a pick up from your hotel and in the end; you will be dropped back as well. As the dune bashing can be quite a bumpy experience, it is advised to have an early lunch which is not too heavy on your stomach along with low intake of liquids. In addition to this, dress comfortably in loose and light weight clothing so as to combat the extremely hot weather. You can also carry sunglasses and a hat. As for the footwear, it is better to wear something open like sandals or thongs because you will be walking on the sand.

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