The concept of picnics on a lazy Sunday to lush green parks or farms with family and friends is soon fading away. Now days people concentrate more on going on a big budget family vacation to a hot destination. However, if you could not make it to your dream vacation this year due to recession, then no need to be upset. Take your kids out to a picnic instead! Plan a picnic, picnic food ideas and venue and see your kids enjoy it to the fullest.
For many people organising a picnic venue, food items and picnic table plans seems to be a cumbersome task. However, if planned properly and in advance, picnics can be the easiest event to organise. So follow the following tips and take your kids out to a memorable family picnic this weekend.
Picnic Venue: Do not have a nice big park near your house? And you do not feel like driving all those miles on a lazy weekend? No worries. Turn your garden, lawn or backyard into a picnic venue! Yes, they can be equally fun. In winters, choose a sunny corner of your garden for setting up the garden table and during summers, choose a shady corner. Mow the grass, trim the plants, wash the area and make it a lush green area, perfect for a picnic.
Picnic Food Ideas: Picnic recipes are easy to make, delicious and healthy. Take your kids out on picnics often to inculcate good and healthy eating habits. Food items which are non-fussy and easy to eat, like finger food, are best for picnics. Pack in a good mix and quantity of sandwiches, fruits, chips, orange juices, lemonade, salads, etc in the picnic basket and set out for a good Sunday. Pack them in cling wraps or foil to make it easy for the kids to eat and to mess up their clothes.
If you are using your garden as the picnic venue, then you can also convert this picnic into an outdoor interactive activity for your kids. You can probably set up a table and take out all the ingredients and encourage your kids to make some easy picnic food items like sandwiches or pizza bagels with you. Or, you can probably arrange a barbeque, if you kids are not too small. No meal is complete without a dessert. Pack generic acomplia 20mg pastries or a pie for the dessert.
Picnic table Plans: Use a regular wooden square shaped picnic table. If you do not have a picnic table, you can use any regular table. If you going to a far off place for a picnic then you will probably need a portable and foldable picnic table. If you do not have any kind of table handy, then you can just take a double bed sheet and can spread that on the grass to sit.
Cover the table with a table cloth and set out all the necessary ingredients like pepper or herbs containers, ketchup, mustard, etc.
Picnics can be a fun way of educating children, building healthy family relationships and family vacation.

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