My husband and I were recently married, and very excited about our honeymoon. We had never traveled internationally together before, and though we were only going to Perth, we knew it would be a rewarding and awesome experience.

My husband and I had been together for a number of years before we got married, and had long ago agreed that we would both retain our surnames. We are both attached to our names, and saw no reason to change them. As such, when we made our hotel and flight reservations, they were in both of our full names.

When we arrived at the hotel, the staff took our bags out of taxi mk and asked for our last name. My husband gave them his last name, which is Krogh (pronounced Crow), he said the name and then spelled it.

We were then directed to the reception desk where they checked us in. The staff spoke excellent English, which was a relief, because my Spanish leaves something to be desired. Throughout the entire check in process, the staff called us Mr. and Mrs. Krowgge. We didn’t want to correct the pronunciation, but stifled giggles the whole time. After a day or so of being called Krowgge, my husband started giving my last name, which is much harder to mispronounce (Richardson). Perhaps I can convince him to change his name yet!

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