Plan to spend a considerable amount of time and effort to find the lowest prices for cheap international airfare especially if you’re planning to travel during a holiday or in the peak summer season.
Here are some hints on where to root out the best deals for cheap international airfare:
1. Use the Internet to Find Low Cost Airfares
All the airlines and online travel companies advertise cheap air line tickets on their websites. Use Internet search engines to look for the companies that offer airplane tickets to where you want to travel. If these companies have an online booking engine, use it to find your cheap international airfare.
Try to be flexible with the dates you plan to travel. Contact an airline and ask which days have the lowest priced flights to your chosen destination. Plan your departure and return dates to take advantage of the cheapest days to fly. If you’re planning a vacation, research other possible deals such as travel or vacation packages that include resort accommodations, day trips, and of course, airfare. Often package prices include airfare at bulk rates that are lower than individual airplane tickets.
2. Contact a Travel Agent
Full-service travel agents can find the best airfare deals in the shortest possible time through their customized computer systems. Be sure to tell the travel agent the details of your planned trip – the dates you want to leave and return from your destination, your budget and any airline preferences. While you may have to pay a small booking fee for an agent to do the work to find cheap air line tickets, it could be well worth the time you’ll save looking on your own.
3. Check the Discount Airlines
If you’ve searched on the internet airfare booking sites, talked with an airline or travel agent and still can’t find a good deal, especially when searching for cheap international tickets in high season, try searching for any discount airlines that fly to your chosen destination. Tickets on most of the “no frills” discount airlines are available only from the airlines – you won’t find them on a multi-airline search engine. Even though these airlines are not known for quality or great food, and you may be squished in your seat, you will get to your destination and probably save money by finally finding cheap international airfare.

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