We were desperate to do something different for Christmas. My husband and I are both from Michigan and we now live in the South. Typically, we go back home for Christmas to visit our families. This past year, we decided to mix it up.

We have no children and do not need to play Santa Claus and we decided that we really wanted a nontraditional experience; we wanted something to “shake it up” a bit. We decided on Las Vegas.

We both love Vegas, we love the gambling and the restaurants, we love the nightlife, and it really is our adult sandbox. However, we had never been there in the winter before, let alone over a major holiday, especially one like Christmas.

We arrived on Christmas Eve and checked into our hotel. The first day we explored, shopped, ate, drank, did the normal Vegas day sans the poolside drinks, after all, December in Nevada is not toasty.

On Christmas Day itself we decided to break all the norms and bust every preconceived tradition we had ever had. First, we started off eating heavy Tex Mex food at Tacos and Tequila at Luxor, then we headed to shoot some craps at Paris, Las Vegas. We found ourselves then at Mandalay Bay, drinking red and green martinis in celebration of Christmas Day itself.

Finally, that night we decided to go have Christmas dinner at Kerry Simon’s restaurant at the Palms, aptly named “Simon’s.” There we feasted on incredible sushi and sake before making our way to the top of the hotel and casino to finish the night off at the Playboy Club.

The place was surprisingly busy; it seemed we weren’t alone in our quest for a different Christmas. Girls were dancing on the bar, people were gambling, Kanye West was being delivered over the speakers, Playboy Bunnies were circulating with drinks.

I couldn’t resist the opportunity that presented itself. I grabbed my camera phone and two Bunnies. I had them stand next to my husband with their arms thrown around him with the lights of the Vegas strip behind them. They both had festive red bunny suits on, complete with ears, bowtie and powder-puff tail in traditional Playboy style.

I took a picture of my husband and the girls and quickly sent it on to a list of people in my address book with the caption, “Merry Christmas! We hope you are having fun at Grandma’s!”

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