The Holocaust memorial of Miami was open to the public in the February of 1990. The idea to build a war memorial on behalf of all the civilian Jewish victims of the Second World War was conceived by a small group of Holocaust survivors. The group then formed a committee and dedicated themselves to building a war memorial.

The Memorial was established as a tool to memorialise the victims and equally importantly to educate the public specially children. This Memorial stand a not far from the glitz and glamour of modern day Miami on the corner of Meridian and Dade Boulevard.

Special/ unique master pieces:

Among the many artefacts, the two that stand out are the sculpture of the hand and the Wall of Memory. The sculpture of the bronze hand (commissioned in 1985) stands tall at 42 feet high. It is a unique master piece that dominates the Memorial site. The sculptor Kenneth Treister has successfully captured the reality/fate of the Holocaust victims through the figures of victims in pain and horror, it is a truly magnificent creation. The other special attraction is the Wall of Memory that records the names of the six million Jewish Victims of World War II.

Location and closed days/opening hours:

The Holocaust Memorial of Miami is located at1933 Meridian Avenue, Miami and is open to the public in the following days: Sunday-Thursday 9:30-3:30, Friday 9:30-12:30. Closed on Saturday

Target Crowd:

The Holocaust Memorial is a place that should be visited by everybody who comes to Miami. It is place to pay your respects, honour and remember the victims of the Second World War. This is a place that speaks out against discrimination racial or otherwise, it survives as a dominant reminder against inhumane and indiscriminate acts that may occur in the future.

Admission and tours:

Admission to this war memorial is free during regular operational hours. Tours can also be arranged. Docent Guided Tours are available daily form Sunday through to Thursday at 1pm for two hours. No public tours are available on Fridays.

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