When it comes to large airports in Britain, Gatwick, situated 28 miles south of Central London, holds the second position behind Heathrow.
With the increase in the number of car hires available today, traveling from Gatwick to other parts of London is of no trouble at all with a proper car hire Gatwick airport. Booking car rentals have also become easier. You are also given a variety of vehicles and you are free to choose your preferred one. Car hire companies are very attentive to your choice, and will take you wherever you want to go, and if you want to roam around the city, car hires will make the necessary arrangements as well.
Carrentals, hirecars, Budget Car Hire, easyCar rentals, CarHireUK are just some of the car hire companies available in UK. You can call the rentals at your convenience and give them a few details of your arrival in Gatwick in order to book yourself a rental. Online booking is also available through the websites of car rental companies. You can get some discount off the price if you book online, in many cases. The 24-hour service that many car rentals provide will give you the opportunity to get a car no matter at what time of the day you reach Gatwick. Frequent customers and corporate clients sometimes get special preferences from many car rental companies.
You don’t have to worry about your luggage anymore – car hire Gatwick airport will manage your luggage for you from the airport, and drop it off along with you at your preferred spot. If it’s a tour of the city that you want, including a visit to popular tourists’ spots, car hires will take car of that as well. Gatwick Airport car hires will lift you off your tension of moving around, and will make your stay an easier one.

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