Next time you are organizing a vacation or a business trip, remember to take some time to search for hotel deals – if you can save a little on the hotel costs for the trip, then you can use that money to have more fun while you are there, or maybe even put it towards another mini holiday later in the year. Remember that price is only one part of the equation, however. It is worth looking at what you are getting for the price – sometimes the cheapest deal is the best, but sometimes a hotel that costs a little more can work out much better value.

For example, if the majority of facilities in a certain area book rooms at $100 a night and you can find one for $50 a night, do not be surprised if the towels are pretty worn through or the staff is slow at responding to your needs. With some hotel deals the free breakfast may be a three-day-old donut and yesterday’s coffee and while price may seem like a good deal, you will get what your pay for.

Taking the breakfast issue futher – if your hotel is $75, but the breakfast is not included in the room price, how much would you end up spending if you bought breakfast from them, or went out for breakfast? Perhaps the $80 hotel room with breakfast included works out cheaper in the end?

Often, the better hotels may offer deals where you get a discount if you stay for a certain number of nights, or if you book the hotel along with your plane tickets. These deals can allow you to get a top of the line hotel room for a middle of the road price, making the deal that much better since your stay is more comfortable and you have many more amenities in your hotel room.

Watch Out For Seasonal Specials

Frequently, hotel deals are available just before or after a holiday as hotels try to keep their revenue flow regardless of the season. However, if you are booking a room through a holiday, there may be a major price difference on specific days if they occur while an important event is going on. In a college town, for instance, the few days of the year when the students are coming to town with their parents and the rooms will all be booked, you probably will not be able to find any good hotel deals.

This problem also occurs during peak holiday times, and when there are special events such as popular concerts or festivals happening in the area. Hotel operators will keep their rates as high as the market will bear, and this means that there are unlikely to be any great deals available during such times of high demand. You may even find that you cannot use reward points or special discounts because the dates surrounding popular events could be black out dates.

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