There are a number of ways to find cheap flights to Australia. Surf the web, ring your Auntie the travel agent, or you can do something useful. How you ask? Just go to our site. It’s a no-brainer. We have the most up to date info about inexpensive flights to Australia.
Ok, imagine you’re smart enough to stop by our site. You’ve scheduled your cheap flights to Australia. What’s next?
What is there to do in Australia? What you must do that is. What will you always remember not doing? Here’s a list of 5 things you must do on your first visit to Australia!
Explore the Great Barrier Reef: the reef is the Earth’s largest living organism and is populated by beautiful fish, playful dolphins and a myriad of intriguing mysterious ocean dwelling life forms. Fail to see this and you’ll hate yourself forever, so when you’re down under, see it.
Learn To Surf: Surfing is part of the culture. You can be wild, you have my permission, jump on a surf board and tame those waves!
Sydney Opera House: This iconic building is recognizable worldwide. Make sure you see a show and for gosh sakes take some pics. This will be the cornerstone of your visit.
The Ocean Road: Probably the most scenic, most beautiful drive in the world. Really. No bull.. The route follows the coast south-west from Torquay to just a little bit south of Geelong. The raw perpetual beauty of the twelve apostles is almost overwhelming and will likely be the part of your trip that you recall most fondly. The twelve apostles is a rock formation that follows the coast and is, for lack of a better word, mesmerizing.
Fraser Island: The biggest sand island in the world! Need I say more? Pack your backpack, get your camping gear, and some high quality booze. Because you and your family or friends will be outfitted in an outrageous 4 wheel drive and will set off on an adventure into Sand Island. Steel yourself for some serious action and righteous adventure that you’ve never seen.
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