Hilton Hotels is a name brand company that has a universal reputation for glamour, excellence and elegance. Regardless of which corner of the globe your business travel might take you, you can expect to find a Hilton Hotel there. Hilton has properties in the most glamorous cities in the world, even in some locations that […]

Miami is a great holiday destination, and one where you should have little problem finding a hotel suitable for you and your family. There are hundreds of hotels in Miami, as it is a very tourist-oriented town, which relies strongly on visitors for its economy. The hotel owners in Miami take pride in making their […]

Next time you are organizing a vacation or a business trip, remember to take some time to search for hotel deals – if you can save a little on the hotel costs for the trip, then you can use that money to have more fun while you are there, or maybe even put it towards […]

Pet owners often find it difficult to take a last minute holidays. This is because many hotels simply not allow pets to stay in their rooms. The alternative is to rely n neighbors to ‘pet sit’, but this is not always possible. Still, your holiday just may not be complete unless you can take your […]

Traveling long distances without stopping is a stressful and tiring experience. Even if you are eager to get to your destination, or want to tour as many places as possible, as quickly as possible, it is a good idea to break up your journey and rest for a night. The most sensible option is to […]

Las Vegas is probably the most renowned night-life hotspot in all of America, with the grandest casinos, most exciting night life, interesting entertainment, and luxurious hotels. This article aims to offer some tips and suggestions that will help you find the perfect hotel for your stay in Las Vegas. If the thought of the casinos […]

Venice is also known as the City of Water. It is a beautiful and romantic place, and is a great vacation spot for families that would like to share some time together. Venice is a wonderful place to escape to, and will give you lots of beautiful memories that you and your family will be […]

The Marriott chain of Hotels is difficult to escape – they have a property almost everywhere worth visiting, including some of the most popular destinations in the world, such as London and New York. Marriott Hotels are the first choice of many travelers – from business people to tourists. They operate at all the important […]

Alaska is a truly beautiful place, and offers rich, awe inspiring views – from the vast mountain ranges to the chance to join an expedition and watch whales, Alaska is one of the few places where you can still truly get close to nature. If you ever have a chance to visit Alaska, then why […]

Arizona is best known as the state that holds the Grand Canyon, but it has so much more to offer, that is unfortunately often overlooked. Arizona has some amazing deserts to explore, as well as Tonto National Forest, and the beautiful Lake Havasu. Arizona is a huge state, with fascinating ghost towns, Indian ruins, and […]