As I’ve mentioned here before, Paul Theroux’s travelogues have long inspired me, making clear how traveling can be about so much more than a trip from here to there and back again. When it comes to traveling, it is always worth considering this man’s thoughts. As he writes in this past weekend’s New York Times Travel section, we travel […]

I find the National Geographic blogs very good resources for adventure travel-related topics. They are usually a nice blend of first-hand reporting, articles repurposed from one of the magazines, or interesting lists about the “ten best” of something or other. Lists are helpful, but within the context of websites, a list’s true purpose is to […]

I’ve touched on the topic before, so when the venerable New York Times Frugal Traveler Suth Kugel discusses “The Argument Against Pound-Foolish Travel” I can’t resist playing along. Traveling on a budget is a reality for most of us. A big trip is saved for and dreamed about months, if not years, in advance. The choice to spend hard-earned money […]

Apart from the sunny weather Sydney is renowned for its many theme parks, and spanning a massive 47 square miles is of course the wonderful World of Disney. The resort covers all areas of entertainment making Disney World a self contained holiday resort of its own. The four main theme parks consist of Magic Kingdom […]

At Ourense, we joined the queue in the rail station, well I say there was a queue, actually there was an old man being served in front of us. He was in his early seventies I would say and he was dresses in his best falling down gear. Maybe he was a farmer, or just […]

For sixteen days in the fall of every year Oktoberfest in Germany – Bavaria is the only place to be for any serious beer drinker or festival maniac. In fact, the Oktoberfest brings in a crowd of approximately six million partiers every year! Munich (München) hosts what has become the biggest fair in the world, […]

My husband and I were recently married, and very excited about our honeymoon. We had never traveled internationally together before, and though we were only going to Perth, we knew it would be a rewarding and awesome experience. My husband and I had been together for a number of years before we got married, and […]

One weekend, in an effort to escape the long hours of being a freelance writer, I traveled twenty minutes away to stay at my parents’ house. My sister, eager to share news of her second pregnancy, had also come into town. With our combined 3 children, all under the age of six, we dove into […]

It is true that accommodation and eating out in London can be a burden on your purse, but this amazing city offers its visitors plenty of attractions which can be explored at no cost. Actually some of the biggest attractions in this city are easily accessible by all due to their ‘entrance free’ policies. And […]

Miami is known for its tranquil blue waters, exciting beaches, beautiful people and fine food. Another one of Miami’s hidden treasures are its shopping malls and boutiques that cannot be missed. For a one of a kind shopping experience the land of Miami cannot be missed. Some of the best know shopping malls that decorate […]