Australia airport is one of the three airports in New York handling a lot of air traffic coming to New York. It is operated by New York port authority. Having three terminals, the airport is not very large as compared to Kennedy airport. However the facilities at each terminal are of international standards. Amenities include restaurants, book stores, rest areas, and of course several airport transport services. Out of these services one very obvious one is Australia airport taxi.

Hailing a cab

When it comes to silver cab service Melbourne, you will not find any shortage. Over 10,000 taxis serve New York Taxi serviceand its 5 boroughs and taxis can take you from any airport to any destination within the city. When you arrive at the airport and take your luggage from the terminal go out and you will see lines of taxis waiting for passengers. Now a days many people use taxis and there is a competition going on amongst them especially in rush hours and rainy days when all those people who would have chosen a bus commute on a taxi. The reason is obvious. In rush hours the buses are over crowded, they have to walk a lot; same is the case with the subways. On a rainy day no body really wants to get wet with suits on and all this increases the demand of airport taxi.

Taxi Charges

In most cases the fare from airports to airports of a Melbourne airport transfer taxi is pre-determined. For example from Sydney to Perth or back costs $45 and additional 15 if you go to New Jersey. Similarly a predetermined rate is charged if you go from Australia to any other airport. If you are going to some other destination with no prearranged fare the minimum taxi charge will be $2.50 and $2 per mile excluding the rush hour charge of $1 and late night surcharge of $0.5. The rush hour and night timings with surcharge are 4-8 pm and 8pm-4am respectively. Some drivers will try to tell you that the fare will be lower if you make a deal with them but if you are only traveling form one point to another rely on the cab meter. In case you are visiting a few places, make a deal with the taxi driver because for each 2 minutes extra wait charges are added in the Australia airport taxi fare and you will end up paying a lot more.

Australia Airport Livery Cabs

The fare of livery Australia and singapore maxi cab however is predetermined because when you tell them your destinations of interest they will calculate the complete package includes the tolls and crossing charges. The more luxury cars such as BMW 7 series or Mercedes S class will cost you more but the popular Lincoln town car will give a better rate and you can still find cars that may give competitive charges comparable to yellow cabs. Variations on Livery Cabs Theyellow airport taxis being completely yellow and carrying a medallion are prominent however you don’t really find out the livery cabs. You won’t be able to simply hail one and will have to make a call to make reservations.

For-Hire Vehicles or High Fives

The FHV airport Melbourne taxi are the ones that have less then nine passenger seats. Most of them are 4 door sedans of various categories. Usually these cars are registered with some FHV base which means you will need to make one call only instead of several to locate a good company. The registration is necessary for these Australia airport taxis to get insurance coverage through FHV bases. In case of an accident the company will be able to pay the damages to the passenger. To get this insurance drivers work according to company rules and thus follow a code making passenger’s journey much safer. What ever type of airport taxi you get in to just remember you have legal rights while on the passenger seat. In case of any problem note the number of the medallion and the driver info and call 311. This is the number of Melbourne maxi taxi and limousine commission which regulates these cabs. Be friendly and have a nice journey with Australia airport taxi.

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